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Network Generator constructs exemplary networks. It is mostly intended for teaching/learning about networks.

  1. Generate graph: - Balanced tree - Barbell - Circular ladder - Complete - Complete bipartite - Cycle - Grid - Hypercube - Ladder - Lobster - Lollipop - Path - Regular - Scale-free - Shell - Star - Waxman - Wheel
  2. Approx. number of nodes: nodes that should roughly be in the network (some networks cannot exactly satisfy this condition, hence an approximation).
  3. If Auto-generate is on, the widget will automatically send the constructed graph to the output. Alternatively, press Generate graph.


Network Generator is a nice tool to explore typical graph structures.


Here, we generated a Scale-free graph with approximately 50 vertices and sent it to Network Analysis. We computed the clustering coefficient and sent the data to Network Explorer. Finally, we observed the generated graph in the visualization and set the size of the vertices to Clustering coefficient. This is a nice tool to observe and explain the properties of networks.